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Mr. Passenger. You are herein informed of the present general conditions. They should be expressly and automatically accepted. The contract hereto and the presentation of services will be ruled exclusively by these general conditions according to law 18829 and its regulation by Brussels convention raified by law 19918. The present General conditions, together with the documentation received by the passenger, will make up the travel contract established
by the above mentioned agreement.

C&C TOURS keeps, by technical or operating reasons, the right to alter totally or partially the daily schedule and/or services which make up the tour, before or during it. Except contrary expressed conditions the hotels can be changed by other ones of the same or higher category, within the same urban centre, with no charge for passengers. About
these variations the passenger will have no right to any compensation . The enterprise can cancel any tour in case of any circumstance foreseen in the article 24 from law 2182/72.
Once the tour has started, the cancellation, modification or interruption of services on account of the passenger because of any personal reason will not provoke any compensation, refund or repayment.

CyC TOURS stately declares that it acts in the position of intermediary in the reservation or booking of the different services connected with or included in the tour, or booking of services, hotels, restaurants, means of transport (air or ground accordingly ) or any other renders. Notwithstanding, the responsibility of the company, being organiser or intermediary, will be determined by the dispositions of the International Agreement related to the travel contract ruled by law 19918. The enterprise does not have any responsibility on accidental facts or unforeseen circumstances , weather phenomenon or facts happening before or during the tour which obstruct, delay or hold in any way the totally or partially execution of the services rendered on its behalf, according to Civil Law.
So, it declines every type of responsibility on harm, loss, robbery or damage that people or property may suffer, by any cause or reason. It is neither responsible for timetable changes, nor flight changes made by airlines taking part.

CyC TOURS keeps the right to make any passenger abandon the tour, at any place, if it considers that the behaviour , way of acting, health or any other serious reasons may provoke danger or produce troubles to the other passengers, or may
spoil the success of the tour or its ordinary development.

CyC TOURS does not have any responsibility if because of the lack of required documentation, booked services may not be given. It will neither make any refund because of the same reason. It is the passenger´s responsibility to have all that is necessary for his/her personal identification, before or during the tour , on the arrival or at departure. This is extremely important for foreigners , residents, under age, etc. More information will be issued by airlines taking part and/or each Consulate.

Extras, drinks, laundry, tips, boarding or services rates, I.V.A (added value tax) and other taxes, present and/or future, or any other service not included in the vouchers issued by CyC TOURS or any Touristic Operators.
Stays, meals and/or other expenses or damages produced by cancellations, delays in departures or arrivals of the means of transport, or by any other unforeseen reason not belonging to the enterprise. Meals on route, except those which are included, programmed or specified . Expenses or interests on credit operations and/or payment cards. Any expense made by the passenger during journey if he/she had to go away more than fixed terms by accidental or unforeseen circumstances , will be on his/her account without any right to refund or compensation.

Lodging for the specific quantity of nights stated and mentioned in the itineraries and /or vouchers, in pre specified hotels or others from the same or higher category, occupying rooms according to election, with private bathroom and taxes. Meals according to vouchers in each time and place. Visits and excursions included in the booked service, stated in the voucher, as well as transfers to and from airports, terminals or hotels. Hotels consider arrival day as complete, no matter if time differences shorten the stay. Rooms will be assigned on arrival according to the booked ones stated in the voucher depending on availability at the time of check-in. The difference in price owing to any change in the category of the assigned room will be paid by the passenger. All rooms are standard category unless it is stated in the corresponding documentation. The passenger can agree with the local operator changes in the excursion schedule as long as he can satisfy the requirements. If he can´t , the passenger will adjust to what was booked beforehand. In the case of any OPTIONAL excursion they will be on the passenger´s responsibility and risk at the time of the reserve. CYC TOURS will not have any responsibility for the realization or for the amount of money paid since it does not belong to booked services beforehand.

The price and/or reservations of services which make up the tour are subject to changes without former information when there may happen modifications in the exchange rate because of reasons not chargeable to the parts. All taxes paid before last confirmation are received as reserve. Last service and price confirmation will be produced with the issue of tickets and vouchers with the corresponding bill. Credit operations will satisfy the requirements needed for them. If they don´t, the credit holder will have to make the payments according to conditions stated in the contract.

The registered person who notifies cancellation after confirmation and issued documentation (TKT and VOU) and as far as 20 days before departure date, will be retained 20% of the sum already paid, plus administrative expenses all that will not exceed 50% of the received value.
If cancellation happens between the 19th and 7th day before departure, it will be retained 40% plus expenses. Between the 6th day and departure date it will be retained 60% plus expenses which will not exceed 50% of the received value. In the case of a NO SHOW passenger, whatever reason, 100% of the sum paid as administrative expenses will be retained as compensation for booked services. In the case of credit operations cancellations, there
will not be refund for money paid on account of information, administrative expenses, stamps and interests.

It will not be object of any transfer contract, since the passenger should always keep it with himself, wherever he is transported . It is on his own account. CYC TOURS.will not be responsible for the loss or damage that luggage may suffer.

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